Friday, September 9, 2011

Smozzy, the Web Browser that doesn't use any of your data

Unlimited data plans are going away now (sniff), and many of us are forced to have to pay a $30 for 2GB that was once unlimited. Smozzy gets around this using a different method: SMS and MMS! Here's how it works: it resembles a normal web browser but sends info to Smozzy's servers and then sends it back via MMS. Wait, it gets better. Smozzy then grabs all of the files from the requested page and puts them in a .zip file. It then converts to .png and is then received as an MMS before it is displayed in the browser. And it's free! The Con: It only works on T-Mobile, but hopefully it'll expand and work with other carriers soon. My guess on this is that since T-Mobile is number four among the Big Four, they using as like a test site son that it won't overload their servers.(Keep in mind this in Beta) .Here's the link to the Market:

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